Who AM I?

Good question. I'm not really sure myself. But my name is Sean Hacker Teper, and I am a proud Canadian looking to make the world a better place through conservation and awareness.  I graduated from Boston University with a degree in marine science, whilst teaching myself photography along the way. I now attend Memorial University of Newfoundland where I am studying towards a masters degree in ocean science. When I am not taking photos, I am playing sports or dominating Scrabble games.

I believe that photography provides a window into science that would otherwise remain inaccessible to most. Step into the world behind my lens. Nature gives all that it can; finding a way to access its full potential is the real challenge.


o  Group: "New Salon" @ Northern Contemporary Gallery

o   Group: "Contemporary Artists You Should Know About" @ Elaine Fleck Gallery

Awards and Publications

o  Elaine Fleck Gallery Fine Art Catalogue Spring/Summer 2016 Edition

o   Boston University Global Programs Photo Contest Runner Up (2015 - Trees of Knowledge)

o   National Geographic Traveler’s Photo Contest Merit Winner (2014 - End of the World)

o   Boston University Global Programs Photo Contest Winner (2014 - End of the World)

o   Photographers Without Borders interview

o   Dailymail photo essay

o   The Guardian “Who’s that in the picture?”